Our involvement in socio-economic development activities is based on the same approach that has made our company successfull:
Proper planning: we went to the communities where our company is active to ask them what they need and what is required.
Our believe is that if we address a definite need, our involvement will be appreciated and appropriate.
Action: in its simplest form - go out and just do it!

Continuous involvement: we opted for a mix of a once-off lump sum investment & monthly installments towards our chosen SED's. The lump sum is to get things going and the monthly installments ensures our long term commitment as well as continious involvement to see how our investment bears fruit and how it is being applied..

Based on the strategy mentioned above, we opted to become involved in a comunity initiate in the Khayelitsha in the Western Cape called Velokhaya. Velokhaya uses a range of education-based cycling programmes to give children from disadvantaged communities the skills and opportunities they need to make a success of their lives. Since this is a long-term commitment, we enjoy seeing future cycle champions being nurtured and grown to excel both in their sport and personal life. By following the link to their website shown below, you will see why we enjoy being involved in this project.

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